Students who are applying for an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree in the USA may need to take the SAT in addition to the TOEFL, depending on the requirements of the colleges they are applying to. Some colleges in the USA will require SAT, some may recommend it, and some will not require it. To gain entrance into competitive colleges especially – and to compete for scholarships – USEF highly recommends that undergraduate applicants take the SAT.


There are two types of SAT available: SAT I (Reasoning Test), and SAT II (Subject Tests). SAT I consists of critical reading, math, and writing components. SAT II exams are offered in about 15 different subjects, such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, etc.


SAT exams are paper-based tests and are offered approximately six days per year at Lincoln School and/ or St. Xavier’s School and/or Rato Bangala School. You may take either SAT I or SAT II on any given exam date. You may take up to three SAT II exams per test date.


Total score for SAT is 1600, it has two major


Test dates: Check the testing calendar at
Cost: $106
Register: by mail via dollar-denominated bank draft or online with an international credit card. See bulletin or website for details.
Test Preparations