Information Technology

Information Technology is one of the popular courses preferred by students and touted to be the future.Information Technology have witnessed a rapid transformation especially in the last 2 decades.The Digital revolution continues to enrich humans as technology progresses each day and it is unstoppable for sure. Recent advancements in technology facilitate people to effectively and productively work on the data in better ways even with small devices like mobile phone,tablets etc.when compared with other fields of engineering IT has a great scope and very good job in both national and international market.Primary business activities if IT companies include computer hardware,software,IT services,electronics,semiconductor,internet, telecom equipment,e-commerce, server management, digital marketing, different computer services and many more.

IT has now advanced and exponentially utilizing the parallel developments in communication technology in transmitting all forms of data.We have seen advancements in the types of mediums coming up to disseminate information in friendly way.

The introduction of Smart Cities,increase in Mobile Users,Role of Artificial Intelligence,Cyber crimes, online business and other factors will play a major role in growth of IT industry. It is projected that there will be a growth of 5% in the years to come and Globally IT spending will be $4.8 Trillion. It is not that IT have only a specific field it has a wide range of opportunities in many sectors to enhance owns  carrier. So employers demand for tech talents with the right skill set.

Upcoming technologies that will transform the World Future advancements in IT